Company profile

Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management CO. LTD.(GZVCM) was founded on 21st of December 2015, currently being entrusted to manage the first entity fund of Small Medium Enterprises Development FundSHENZHENLLP with a size of 6 Billion Yuan.

Guozhong Venture Capital with a registered size of 100million Yuan, partners consisting Shenzhen venture capital group (49%) and the management team of Small Medium Enterprise Development Fund (SHENZHEN) (51%).

The core management team of Guozhong venture capital consists a group of outstanding management personnel from Shenzhen Venture Captial group along with a group of experienced investment managers attracted from various institutions. Ni zenwang the president of Shenzhen Venture Capital Group being the legal representative of Guozhong Venture Capital, while the Vice president of Shenzhen Venture Capital Group DR. Shi Anping being the CEO.

Guozhong Venture Capital aspires to be a trust worthy and well respected outstanding investment institution. Guozhong will do its utmost to ensure Small Medium Enterprises Development Fund (Shenzhen)LLP succeeds in helping Small Medium Enterprises’ developments, making sure the Fund achieves political targets and become a model example for all regional entities of the Small Medium Enterprises Development Fund.