AnPing Shi


Chief partner、 CEO

Dr. Anping Shi is the CEO of Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management; Principal Partner of SME Development FUND (Shenzhen); PHD in Industrial Economics from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Postdoctoral in Management from Shanghai Fudan University, Senior Engineer in information technology and network engineering; Part time Finance professor and Postdoctoral Tutor; Won both top 10 Venture Capitalists in China award and Outstanding achievement of investors in china award; Candidate for the 6th Issuance Examination Committee of the Chinese Growth Enterprises Market Board; China Securities Regulatory Commission Shenzhen area special adviser; People’s government of Shenzhen financial innovation special adviser.

Dr. Shi joined Shenzhen Capital Group in 2001 as general manager of the Xi’an office. He then became the Secretary General of the Investment committee of Shenzhen Capital Group as well as the General Manager for the Fund management department and was later promoted to Vice President. Prior to joining Shenzhen Capital Group Dr. Shi had taken posts in institutions of higher education as well as government departments and had previously been in high level management of various trading, information technology and finance companies. Through many years of venture investment and theoretical research, Dr. Shi has been involved with over 500 investment projects as well as been involved in the strategic decision making of over 100 companies which has been stock listed in around 16 major stock markets globally. Dr. Shi has accumulated a wealth of experience through the process.


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